LTI Korea Translation Academy

We are happy to have an opportunity to inform you of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea(LTI Korea)'s Regular Course.


The Literature Translation Institute of Korea is a Korean government-affiliated organization which has been working for the sole purpose of supporting the translation of Korean literature and expansion of its readership across the world.

With this aim, LTI Korea established Translation Academy in 2008 to foster and train professional literary translators. It offers three courses, which are Regular Course, Special Course and a practicum program called the Translation Atelier. The Academy has produced over 1,000 graduates thus far who completed the courses since 2008.

Starting 2015, with the vision of transforming the Academy into a graduate school of translation, we are expanding the Regular Course, which was one-year course in the past, into two-year course. Regular Course is scheduled to begin in September 2018 for the academic years 2018-2020.


This letter is call for application for the LTI Translation Academy Regular Course and we would really appreciate your full cooperation and recommendation so that more applicants could participate in this program.

You can find details on files attached.(Application form, a letter of poster)


Also, we send you a video link about Regular Course. It will be helpful to understand the program.


Thank you for your cooperation in advance.