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Das Koreanische Kulturzentrum beim Weltgeschichtentag

Monday, 20. March 2023 / 16:00

Koreanisches Kulturzentrum
Leipziger Platz 3
10117 Berlin

Foto: DiLenz

Ein Märchen aus Korea 

Vom Zusammenleben von Tier und Mensch...

Erzählt von Soogi Kang - Geschichtenerzählerin, Theaterpädagogin und Schauspielerin 


Zeit: 20.03.23, 16.00-17.00 Uhr

Ort: Koreanisches Kulturzentrum
Leipziger Platz 3
10117 Berlin

Für Märchenliebhaber:innen im Alter von 5-99 Jahren!

Anmeldung unter mail@kulturkorea.org


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Foto Soogi Kang: DiLenz

Foto Tiger: 


Object details:

Title: Painting: Tiger, Magpie, Pine, And Sacred Fungus (Songho-Do)
Smithsonian Record ID: edanmdm:nmnhanthropology_8940038

    Painting: Tiger, Magpie, Pine, And Sacred Fungus (Songho-Do)

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    NMNH - Anthropology Dept.

    Donor Name
    Ensign U S N John B. Bernadou

    100 cm

    62.5 cm

    From card [for all 12 paintings, E77052-0 through E77052-11]: "12 Glue-color folk paintings on paper, used for room decoration or storeroom door amulets. - Chang-su Houchins. See pp. 468-9 in "The Bernadou, Allen, and Jouy Korean Collections in the U.S. National Museum" by Walter Hough in USNM AR 1891. All 12 paintings are described there."

    From card [for E77052-11], painting original # 12: "Glue color folk painting on paper, of a ferocious tiger (maen'ho—do). Used for hanging outside of the storeroom or the gate to the court yard."

    "Late 19th century. Color on paper. A large, white tiger with a long tail curling upward to a pine branch, has fur rendered in geometric stripes, dots and roundels. A small magpie sits on a pine branch. Three pulloch'o, sacred fungus, are in front of the tiger's mouth as if he were about to consume them in order to attain immortality himself. A certain element of humor can be detected in the tiger's expression in the presence of his adversary, the magpie. The magpie announces the tiger's whereabouts to villagers. This is the reason for the appearance of "tiger and magpie painting" (Jo, 1970:8-15; ibid., 1974b:20). Hough, in his customary manner, dismisses the painting as a "Gaudy picture bought by the common people." ... Collected in Seoul. Ref: Hough Korean Catalog p. 469; Houchins, 1982: 61-63." [from: "An Ethnography of the Hermit Kingdom: The J.B. Bernadou Korean Collection 1884-1885", Chang-su Cho Houchins, 2004, number 127]

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    31 Jul 2020

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    Seoul, South Korea, Asia

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    Accession Date
    24 Feb 1886