Opening : "Das dritte Land" with Soprano: Sumi Jo

Thursday, 23. May 2019 / 19:00

Das dritte Land
An artist’s garden at the Kulturforum Berlin
Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin

Seok Hyun Han, Seung Hwoe Kim

Keumhwa Kim (Keum Art Projects)

23rd May 2019, 7pm
St. Mattäus-Kirche
Matthäikirchplatz 1, 10785 Berlin

Having successfully crowdfunded the event with the support of more than 160 art enthusiasts from all over the world, we are finally ready to open the Artist’s Garden "Das dritte Land" by artists Seok Hyun Han and Seung Hwoe Kim at the Kulturforum on May 23rd at 7pm.

Throughout the summer, plants from South and North Korea will grow together not far from the former boundary of the Berlin Wall. Both artists Seok Hyun Han and Seung Hwoe Kim aim to resurrect scenes by the famous classical painter Jeong Seon. “Das dritte Land” is created from the interplay of the Korea’s mountainous topography and plant life which represent its most important elements.

Based on artistic research on the botany of the Baekdudaegan mountain range, which extends from the north to the south of the peninsula, the artists have collected Korean seeds and plants and brought them to Berlin. Their work transforms reality into a utopian biotope: nature triumphs over the border. In their garden, a yearning for the seemingly unattainable grows with the plants.

We would like to cordially invite you to stroll through the garden on May 23, 2019 at 19.00 with both artists and reflect on experiences with borders and ideas for overcoming them.

The evening will be officially opened by world-renowned Korean soprano Sumi Jo, http://www.josumi.com/.