The 5th Internatioanl Younghi Pagh-Paan Composition Prize 2020

application period: 01 September ~ 17 September 2020

Through this competition, the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin would like to invite composers to create a work for Korean und Western instruments.

Considering the 1st International Younghi Pagh-Paan Composition Prize 2016 as a successful stepping stone, the creative activities of young composers ought to be fostered and the repertoire of new works which deal with traditional Korean and Western instruments ought to be expanded and advanced.

The competition is named after the Korean composer Professor Younghi Pagh-Paan who received the 2020 Berlin Art Prize – Grand Prize. She has been living in Germany for several decades and has created numerous new works based on traditional Korean music. Moreover, she has been playing a leading role as a pioneer of the international music scene.

Further information

1. Conditions of participation

persons who were born after 1 January 1975 (regardless of nationality)

2. Type of composition

  1. 1 work for an ensemble (9 musicians maximum) of traditional Korean and Western instruments with a focus on traditional Korean instruments
    duration: 15 minutes maximum)

  2. Traditional Korean instruments to be selected in 2020 (one or more of the instruments below must be chosen): Piri, Daegeum, Haegeum, Janggu, Gayageum, Geomungo, Ajaeng

  3. Western instruments can be randomly selected

3. Required documents (application is only possible via E-mail)

  1. 1 copy of the official application form
    * Download on the homepage of the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (

  2. Full score and parts of the different instruments

  3. explanation of the work (about 1 page)

  4. CV of the composer

4. Guidelines for the submittance of the documents

  1. The composition must have been written within the last five years.

  2. Works that were already publicly performed or had their public debut are admitted to this competition as long as they were not already awarded at other competitions.

  3. Submittance of only 1 work per person

  4. When submitting the score, there must be a separate cover sheet on which the title of the composition and the name of the composer are noted down.

  5. The evaluation of the score is anonymous. Therefore, on the score, only the title of the composition should be indicated but not the name of the composer.

  6. If any candidate submits any false information, his or her appointment as a winner may be canceled even after the announcement of the results.

5. Period and address of application

  1. application period: 01 September ~ 17 September 2020 (in German standard time)

  2. application address: Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Leipziger Platz 3, 10117 Berlin, Germany

  3. further information: Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin (, Tel.: +49/ 30 269 52-0

6. Evaluation and announcement of the chosen compositions

  1. evaluation period: 18 September ~ 29 September 2020

  2. evaluation method: commissioning of a jury by the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea which consists out of three people

  3. announcement of the chosen works: 30 September 2020

  4. personal notification of the candidates and announcement on the homepage of the Cultural Department (

7. Awards

  1. 1st Prize, 1 person
    - performance at the Philharmonie Essen
    - prize money: 3000 Euro + return flight ticket to Essen
      (the cost for accommodation is not included)

  2. 2nd Prize, 1 person
    - performance at the Philharmonie Essen
    - prize money: 2000 Euro + return flight ticket to Essen
      (the cost for accommodation is not included)

  3. 3rd Prize, 1 person
    - performance at the Philharmonie Essen
    - prize money: 1000 Euro

8. Performance of the award winner’s compositions

  1. The performance of the award winner’s compositions is carried out by musicians who are commissioned by the Korean Cultural Center.

  2. If the composer wishes his work to be performed through musicians commissioned by him, he has to strike an agreement with the Korean Cultural Center about this prior to the event. The performance costs which arise from the change of performers are charged to the composer. The composer confirms that he agreed to these conditions prior to the event.

  3. For the performance of the award winner’s works, no royalties are paid. In the case that the Korean Cultural Center performs the award winner’s works at other musical events in order to promote the award winner’s works of the YPP competition or the composers, the composers request no royalties for the performance of their works.

9. Award ceremony and concert

  1. time: 30. October 2020, 6 pm
    venue: Philharmonie Essen
    Huyssenallee 53, 45128 Essen

10. Organizer: Cultural Department of the Eembassy of the Republik of Korea, Berlin

Further information on Korean instruments you can find here: